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Hi! I'm Sarah, & I'm a licensed independent clinical social worker in north-central West Virginia. I started Creative Connections Psychotherapy in June of 2017 in pursuit of my dream of helping others to understand themselves & find healing, through therapy, art, animals, & nature.

It is my mission to provide creative therapeutic services, in a nurturing and peaceful setting, in order to help people achieve their goals & live a healthier life. 

Check out what I do, listed below, and browse the rest of my site to learn more about me & my practice!


This is just a small sample of what our business offers


I provide individual and family psychotherapy for children (6+), adolescents, & adults, using a variety of interventions based on each client's unique situation & needs. 

I currently accept PEIA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, The Health Plan, & Medicaid/CHIP insurances, and offer an out of pocket rate of $75 per session. 

I'm available Monday through Friday at Beacon Barn, or for in-school sessions in several counties in north-central WV.

On the farm

My office is located in the loft of Beacon Barn Therapeutic Farm in Taylor county West Virginia. I share a space with Sheena Nicholson of Fresh Perspective Psychotherapy, & Molly McCartney of Beacon Barn, as well as 3 horses, 3 pigs, 2 sheep, one mini horse, some dogs & some ducks. Most of the animals assist in sessions, have their own stories of survival & have found sanctuary at the farm.

Creative interventions

I love to use art in any form to facilitate healing in the therapeutic process. Creativity can be found in everyone, and discovering it can help to heal even the most wounded parts of ourselves. My love of art & creativity is central to my practice in helping clients tell their stories, and the therapeutic farm provides the perfect environment for inspiration & self reflection.


My therapeutic style is rooted in social work theory & trauma-informed practices.

I believe that all people have internal & external resources & strengths available to them. I focus on trauma-informed care through cognitive-behavioral, art, narrative, parts, play, & animal assisted therapies to help people uncover their hidden resilience & path to healing.


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